Health Safety and Environment

The Ozma HSE management system is committed to the promotion of health, safety and protection of environment in all of its influence and subscribes to the philosophy that all accident are preventable that safety behaviour becomes the organization paramount interest and addicted way of living to meet the target of goal Zero free accident As a leading company in Enhanced HSE Management System through planning, implementation, monitoring and review, HSE department in OZMA Nig. Co. Ltd. has gone a step further in the integration of HSE as a major tool in the realization of the objectives of the company. To this end, the Management of OZMA NIG. CO. LTD having realized the importance of HSE as a cure aspect of the business, has shown commitment through provision of adequate resources for the provision of all HSE related materials which upon integration, materializes into drastic reduction of accidents, incidents, environmental friendly operations as well as improved occupational health services for the workforce.

HSE issues are very crucial to the operations of OZMA Nig. Co. Ltd in view of the increasing realization of the importance of HSE to the business. Furthermore, it is made in such a way to align with the needs and aspirations of our clients.

Our HSE Policy

OZMA Nig. Co. Ltd has an integrated HSE Policy.

All staff of OZMA Nig. Co. Ltd and sub contractors is expected to comply with OZMA NIG. CO. Ltd policies and standards. In addition, Sub contractors are required to have their own policies in place in line with OZMA NIG. CO. Ltd Policies. Where appropriate, OZMA NIG. CO. LTD will provide the necessary assistance to help contractors to achieve this.

Line managers usually discuss with new employees the meaning of the policy and the implication.

The employees understanding of the policy is usually confirmed by the safety officer.

The policy that all accidents are preventable and that HSE is as important as any other business cannot be over emphasized. Employees of OZMA are also made aware that they are responsible for their own safety on and off the job.

The policy is displayed on -all notice board and it is taught to local employees in their local languages.

In addition to the OZMA NIG. CO. LTD HSE Policy, separate 2nd and 3rd tier policies exist for specific aspects of HSE management which are applicable to the Company Operation line with client requirements.
These policies address specific risks that can have negative impact on lives, assets, the environment and the health of the workforce, contractors, host communities, and other third parties that might be affected by company activities.

Our HSE Objectives and targets

  • Zero fatality in our operations
  • Zero Lost Time Injuries resulting from our operations
  • Zero Road Traffic Accident/Incident from our operations
  • No fire incident in our operations
  • No marine incident as a result of drowning/man overboard in our operations
  • Fitness of the workforce shall be guaranteed by Company doctor via retainer clinic before mobilization to site
  • Minimal environmental pollution
  • Zero security incidence

Health Safety and Environment Policy

This policy addresses the Health, safety and Environmental risks to our operations; and the potential impact on our host communities and staff; with strong management commitment at the highest level. This policy reflects good working practices and shall be made mandatory. Therefore, it shall be our policy to:

    • Continuously pursue the goal of no harm to people and the environment.
    • Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity.
    • Promote a culture in which all OZMA NIG. CO. LTD employees share this commitment.
    • The implications of this policy are that:
    • All activities shall be analyzed to systematically identify related hazards, risks and sensitivities.
    • Arrangements shall be put in place to control the hazards, risks and sensitivities and to deal with consequences should they arise.
    • Continually assess environmental impact and reduce it to a level as low as practicable. Include HSE performance in the appraisal of all staff and reward accordingly.

    AsHSE remains the responsibility of each and everyone of us, every employee and contractor employee must plan and perform his work in accordance with this policy, this policy shall be a high level document, clearly understood by all staff, distributed to all and we shall all be guided by this policy.